Lorenzo Hernandez founded Movement Unlimited so that everyone has the opportunity for better movement, no matter his or her level of ability or disability.

We are consistently making strides to advance individuals’ independence, both physically and mentally.  Right now we offer “Adaptive” classes Monday through Friday.  If you or someone you know is looking for the longevity of independence and confidence, please contact Lorenzo for a free introduction to the MovementUNLimited method.

This journey began with one athlete reaching out with the desire to get his life back.  After a year of training, the Movement Unlimited team decided other individuals need access to this resource.


To create a healing space, a training space that educates people on how to care for all parts of their body and being. To gather and research devices, technology, methods and techniques that assist in healing and supporting the whole person. To be able to offer and teach these to others through the internet or in person to all humans including but not limited to the adaptive population. To sponsor trainings including but not limited to: leadership skills through youth camps and sports camps.

To train trainers/therapist who will then train other trainer/therapists thus multiplying the education and training (including but not limited to: webinars, travel expenses, workshops, certifications, air fare, transportation, accommodations, food). To be able to donate these devices and technology or offer scholarships to others in need or to give to others who will help promote and further the purposes of this foundation. When treating and teaching under privileged, services will be provided for free of charge.

To work through all media, social, internet, webinars, video,podcasts and other medias as they develop.

To be the fundraising are to support the physical facility which will house the physical services and clinic, which shall be separate from this charitable organization for reasons of liability and insurance.

To collaborate with other like minded charitable organizations to create positive change through healing.